Before and After School

Using the Library Before and After School

The library learning commons is open before and after school for students to read, check out books, look at magazines, use computers and the maker space. Please follow the procedures below when you come to the library learning commons before during and after school.
Days that the library is open after school will be announced each week and posted on our Sims Library Facebook page. Students should make arrangements for their ride to pick them up before staying after school. 

In the morning        During School            In the afternoon   Weekends

In the Morning:
Mrs. Tazerouti will send out passes to teachers on duty in the hallways.

Students must have a library pass or a teacher pass in order to come to the library before homeroom, during lunch or after school.

Everyone needs to sign in, please.

All students must remain in the library until 7:45 when they are dismissed by the library staff.

During School: Students will only be admitted with a pass or with their teachers.
Please sign in.

In the afternoon: Days the library is open after school will be announced each week. 
Come to the library immediately after school.
Sign in.
Students may sign out before 4pm, but may not come back in once signed out.

Weekends: by request only for groups of ten or more students with school projects to work on.